An Amazing Sales Director - £150K

  • Successfully trained and developed many teams during her 30 years in the sales business
  • Featured in top selling business book ,interviewed in live podcasts for her expertise
  • A vibrant and colourful character, will liven up and grow any salesforce

Group Chief Technology Officer - £125k+

  • Highly adaptable and results driven IT leader with a background in B2B, B2C, retail, education and financial services.
  • Experienced in driving change management, IT services, IT technology roadmaps and working within a matrix environment.
  • Over a 12 month period delivered over 300 changes and projects realising earning benefits of around £8.5m.

Fashion Led Retail Senior Vice President- £160k+

  • Responsible for over 1000 main stores across 15 countries.
  • 5 Consecutive quarters of LFL sales growth.
  • 87 consecutive weeks of key USP growth for company.

Venture Capital M/A Business Development Specialist - £100k+

  • Able to source private equity deals.
  • Understands sustainable development, investor relations and a leader of multinational teams.
  • Able to provide managed fund advisory services and provide due diligence on Venture Capital and private equity investments.

Outstanding Sales Rainmaker - £85k+

  • Market experience for more than 40 countries.
  • Previous companies include Apple Inc, Dell and Red Bull.
  • Expert in Sales Development, Brand management, Data Analysis.
  • Returning to UK and prepared to accept initial low salary to prove his ability.

Senior Area/General Manager Retail- £90k+

    • Strong listener who specializes in high energy teams. from executive leadership through to team members.
    • Established and re-branded a food hall which was initially classed as a business risk.
    • Can directly engage with senior leadership, 16 store managers, 50 sales managers and over 1000 colleagues.

    Managing Director/Commercial Director- £125k+

      • Secured major new contracts with Tesco and COOP
      • Built new executive team.
      • Mentored and trained sales managers.

      Global Operations Director- £110k+

        • ERP System implementations specialist.
        • Global Supply Chain expert for entire process.
        • 20% year over year inventory reduction.

        Business Development and Sales Director- £75k+

          • Doubled Turnover in 2 years.
          • OEM Specialist in both UK and USA
          • Introduced a specialist portfolio increasing sales from £500,000 to £25,000,000 within 5 years.
          • Global relationships within France, Denmark, Germany, China, Hungary, USA and Serbia

          Head of Trading and Brand Acquisition (Consumer Electronics) - £125k+

          • Secured a contract with major high street retailer (Multi-Billion/Multi-Year) to trade on a major vendor portal.
          • Managed to bring new digital partners to vendor to e-tailer platform (which previously was never achieved)
          • Changed dynamics with major computer manufacturer and acquired large contract.