Telesales Superstar - Part Time

Virtual Telesales Superstar - 20 Hours Per Week

Potential Earnings - £3k per month

This position is extremely demanding dozens of rejections every day.

You will be attempting to obtain a job vacancy in the range of £80-£150k P.A.

You will have to get through to CEO's, MD's (avoid HR if possible).

We only work exclusively with an engagement fee up front in order to commence the search.

The pay structure is as follows:

£1k per month plus 10% commision on orders taken that are filled and paid.

Our average fee is £25k, so commission would be £2.5k.

We fill 100% of jobs that we agree to take on.

Taking the job on to payment is usually 6-8 weeks.


You will be given ongoing training and communication via email or Zoom video.

However, if you are not in the top 5% of possible applicants for this position, save your time and do not apply.

If you still wish to proceed please email me in order to set up a brief telephone conversation at: