The UK has seen a record increase in venture capital funding in the past few years. Despite the uncertainty posed by Brexit, UK firms have continued to attract record levels of venture capital.

Venture capital is a type of private equity financing provided to early and mid-stage businesses with long-term growth potential.

Getting venture capitalists (VCs) to fund a business can be one of the biggest challenges you can face as an entrepreneur. This is particularly true if you do not have required experience in pitching your business to VCs.

To get the needed venture capital for your business, you need to hire a professional executive who has a strong background in promoting businesses to VCs.

How to Hire the Best Executive for Venture Capital Funding of your Firm?

You should hire an executive who has the required skills and experience in promoting businesses — both big and small —to investors in the UK.

In addition, you should look for other elements like work ethics, cultural fit, and personality when hiring an executive.

The executive that you hire should be able to establish clear goals and objectives for the funding. He should know about how the funds will drive growth and innovation in order to provide above-average returns to investors. This is important to convince the VCs to provide funding for your business.


To identify and hire the most qualified executive who can help you in attracting venture capital for your business, you should contact an executive search firm.

Executive search firms have a thorough yet efficient search process. Their business model is built on a strong foundation of research.

Executive search firms can tap into their efficient and well-connected network to find you the most qualified candidate for the job. They can help you locate and recruit a senior talent that best meets your requirements for attracting venture capital for your business.

The senior executive that a headhunting firm will help you find will have the skills, knowledge, and experience in quickly getting the required funds for your business venture.

Contact Jefferson Maguire —A Leading Executive Search Firm in the UK

Jefferson Maguire is a reputable executive search firm in the UK providing services to local businesses for more than 21 years. We can help you connect with the most qualified candidate in just 20 days. Our consultants are experienced in carrying out efficient search strategies to locate a candidate that best suit your needs.

Contact us today if you want to discuss with us the required candidate for raising venture capital for your firm. We will go over the details with you regarding the best executive for the post. You can rest assured that we will connect you with a qualified candidate who meets your exact requirements for raising capital for your business.

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The CLS brief to Jefferson Maguire was to identify and present to us an outstanding potential Sales Director with a convincing background in Learning & Development in the UK.

Following the brief closely, Jefferson Maguire used their proven search methodology and great network of connections to source and provide us with an excellent candidate who not only has impressive knowledge, experience and skills, but is also a good match to our values and ambitions – she has settled into our organisation easily and quickly, and has been contributing effectively from her first day with us.

Jefferson Maguire analysed and understood our needs thoroughly, and provided good advice and constant supportive communication throughout the process - always being helpful and insightful.

I recommend their services highly.
Mark Latham - CEO - Corporate Learning Solutions - London


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