According to Jim Collins in his best selling book Good to Great, a five year study on the factors that moved companies from being Good to being really Great, there were five common factors.

One of the five factors discovered, and probably the number one reason was

Get the Right People on the bus and the wrong people off the bus.

My company Jefferson Maguire has a mission and burning desire to hunt down and recruit only the top 5% of the very best talent available in the UK for our clients the type of person you would definitely want on your bus.

However, sorting through all the applicants and CVs is a very time consuming task and does not always uncover true talent, the top 5%.

Working with agencies and Executive Search firms can also lead to frustration and end up picking the best of the people who are looking or are on databases.

But these true high achievers, with proven tack records are not looking and have to be located and persuaded to take a look at your vacancy.

In our experience gathered over 20 years since we started trading just to get a response and listen to the opportunity can take up to 8 to 10 phone calls per potential candidate.

This also means contacting up 50 potential candidates just for one role

But at the end of this process we end up with what we and our clients are looking for the Best of the Best.

You probably have your nominated recruitment partners you have used for a while.

We do not wish to replace these, but possibly just give us one role to compare the difference.

Although this is an introductory email offering our services, I will not be bothering you again pitching for business.

I do send out a weekly short Motivational, Leadership Development and Business Growth ideas Tip Sheet which I hope you will find useful.