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Executive search is all about knowing who the top performers are and being exceptionally skilled at convincing them to join our clients. With this simple definition in mind, the executive recruiters at Jefferson Maguire are bringing the perfect candidates on board for our clients in various industries.

We understand industry leaders want exceptionally good senior executives. Our knowledge of the executive market in the UK is second to none, and we use our network of contacts across the professional pool across the country, and beyond, to not only find you the perfect candidate for your job opening, but also convince them to join your team for mutual benefit.

We have been using this systemised approach originally taught to our team by one of the world's most respected executive search trainers over 20 years ago but still relevant and adapted to today's world of internet and social media.

In short, we take our job seriously and employ subtle persuasive methods including the use of video interviews to convince the candidate you seek that working for you will serve their career.

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Executive Search Our Way By the Best Executive Recruiters

The process we use sounds quite simple but requires a lot of work. We prepare with painstaking detail to ensure any candidate you want for an open position wants to be in that position just as much.


We take a detailed job brief including culture and fit.


We research the market and discreetly present the role to a long list.

Short List

List is narrowed down to only the very best few.


See Infographic for complete system.

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Recruiting the right candidate for an open position in your organisation can be a challenge, especially if you have the ideal person in mind but you are not sure how to approach them. Professionals known for exceptional skill in their industry are often satisfied with their jobs, and this is where you need an experienced executive recruiter to assist you. With experience of over 20 years in the business, the team of executive recruiters trained in executive search at Jefferson Maguire is diligently serving the interests of many clients with highly professional and discreet executive search services.

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Our Executive Search System is known for its excellence and we use it to make a long list of ideal candidates that we then shortlist and approach on your behalf. This search system allows us to find you the most suitable executives working in the market, having the specific personal and professional skills that you seek.

Our headhunting specialists approach them to begin the on-boarding process and masterfully steer them to your offices.

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