Some years ago i sent a group of my employees to a Tony Robbins, ”Unleash the Power Within“ 3 day seminar.

The highlight of the weekend and the one thing that they were most apprehensive about was The Firewalk.

This is a strip of burning coals where you have to walk barefoot.

All my team did it and when they returned to the office, they were all very excited as it really got them out of their comfort zones.

They were going to conquer the world, going to break all business and personal goals etc, etc.

Did they? Some did, but most didn’t.

Most people who go to a seminar or read an inspiring book,don't do any thing about it.

Its not difficult to motivate people for a while, but long term it has to come from within and has to be down to the individual.

As the saying goes “ You Can Lead a Horse to Water, but You Cant make him Drink “.

To build an amazing business you need to surround yourself with some “Firewalkers “ who will keep on walking.

Firewalking—like life— is not completely without risks. But those risks pale in comparison to the rewards.

Kind Regards, David