How Do You Manage a Virtual Team?

Dec 05, 2019

With operating costs continuing to rise, many organizations have switched to hiring remote employees. Working with a virtual or remote employee allows you to cut back on expenses such as office rent, utilities, and new office equipment. Of course, managing virtual teams in a cohesive manner can be a challenge in itself. There’s very little human interaction here, and in many cases, managers can feel disconnected from their virtual employees. This can have a direct effect on productivity, which is a warning sign for any organization.

However, like other management challenges, there are plenty of ways to manage virtual teams as well. Read on as we discuss how you can manage a virtual team:

1.Use Technology

There are many different types of team and project management software available that can help you keep track of your virtual employees. For instance, these tools can help you monitor which tasks have been completed and which are still pending. Additionally, applications like online messaging boards can allow you to have regular interactions with your virtual team. You can provide them with feedback, identify the problems they are facing, and devise a solution to resolve them. Using these communication channels can do wonders for your virtual team and ensure their active involvement in the organization.

2.Provide Incentives and Rewards

Some things work just as well in a virtual space as they do in the real world. Motivation and rewards are two of these things. Managers often skip out on these aspects when managing virtual teams. This is a mistake. Remember, even if they are working from halfway around the world, your virtual employee is still a real person. Just like other employees, these individuals are always looking for recognition for their efforts. Therefore, make sure you provide them with an adequate amount of incentives and rewards that make them feel appreciated. This can enhance their productivity and encourage them to work harder.

3.Have Feedback Sessions and Virtual Meetings

One of the best ways to increase engagement among your virtual employees is by asking them for feedback. There are multiple ways to arrange for these sessions. However, if you want our advice, we’d suggest you use live video chat software for feedback. This will add a personal touch to the conversation and will allow your employees to share their insights more freely.

You can also hold virtual meetings for providing updates, discussing new projects, and asking for constructive criticism. Having virtual meetings is an ideal way to encourage interaction between employees as well as their supervisors.

Wrapping It Up

Managing virtual teams can be difficult. However, using the right tactics can help you navigate your way through the potential pitfalls of this hiring practice. Here’s a quick recap of what you can do to manage your virtual team and improve their productivity:

  • Make use of communication technologies that allow for easy interaction
  • Recognize your virtual employees for their accomplishments
Engage in feedback sessions and conduct virtual meetings through live video chat


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