From High Flyer to Boardroom

Aug 08, 2019

Hiring individuals that are self-motivated and committed to delivering their best is naturally a major boon for any organization. They are a rare breed and must be nurtured accordingly as well. A lot of organizations do the opposite instead. They will recognize a self-motivated and hardworking individual and exploit them instead. This can eventually result in the individual exiting the organization instead. If you have a young, dynamic self-starter on your team, then you must appreciate them accordingly as well.

Benefits of Hiring High Flyers

Some of the key benefits of hiring high flyers and self-starters include:


Hiring employees with a strong sense of ownership can be a blessing. It becomes easier to delegate tasks to such individuals. High flyers and self-starters are excellent in this regard. They know when and how to execute a task without requiring constant supervision. They are also able to understand their limitations and will ask for guidance accordingly.


A self-starter is not careless with the company’s resources. They understand the investment behind a particular resource. They also understand the importance of delivering a return on this investment and using them to create value.


Another benefit of hiring high-flyers is that they constantly seek to improve themselves. They are open to criticism and believe in self-management. In the right organization, these qualities can help a high-flyer work their way up and become a part of the top management.

4.Improving the Organization

Besides improving on themselves, they are equally passionate about improving the systems and procedures of the organization. This is due to their sense of ownership. A self-starter can help you see the gaping flaws in your organization’s culture. They can also propose solutions and help you develop strategies for the same.

A self-starter with a knack for strategy and thinking outside of the box do particularly well at management positions.

Nurturing High Flyers

To build your team of self-starters and high flyers, you must:

1.Set an Example

It is a fact that a leader’s philosophies have a big impact on the organization. Therefore, to nurture a self-starter, you must set the right example as well. Your values and work ethic will influence them to a great extent. This is also because a self-starter will be able to see first-hand the type of individuals that can succeed in the organization. This will motivate them and encourage them to proceed in a similar direction.

2.Provide Coaching

You must act as a mentor to these individuals as well. A highly motivated person can also get burnt out due to their over-commitment to the job. This is especially when your organization’s current policies prevent you from rewarding them for their efforts. You must guide them and provide suggestions on how they can improve. This will also help them stay in the organization for a longer period.

Final Thoughts

There are several benefits of hiring high flyers. These individuals have a strong sense of ownership and are extremely efficient with a desire to improve. However, hiring such individuals means that you must nurture them accordingly as well. This can help maximize their potential and help them attain professional success within the organization.


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