What Worries Leaders the Most?

Jun 19, 2019

Being a leader is not everyone’s cup of tea. You get to enjoy a position of power and authority, but leadership is a big responsibility in itself. It also comes with its own problems, which is why it can be so hard to lead a group of people successfully. There are several leadership worries that plague nearly every leader. If you are a good leader, then you will find yourself relating to the following:


This is a major concern for a leader. Every leader will fall prey to self-doubt at some point or the other. When you lead a group of people, they place their trust in your vision and what you intend to do. Self-doubt is common in such cases. You have to ask yourself whether you are right in what you are doing and whether your goals are realistic. If they aren’t, you are essentially leading your followers towards failure as well.

Failure to Keep Up with Change

A leader is required to keep up with the changes happening in their environment. This is important because they need to be prepared for the effect a certain variable may have on their goals and objectives. If a leader is unable to respond to these changes, their goals can become obsolete very quickly. Given the rapid pace of the world we live in, this fear is very real for any leader. The information you receive today can become redundant within a few days. As a result, leaders must deal with the pressure of taking swift yet effective decisions on a daily basis. Thus, failing to analyze a situation correctly and making the wrong decision is another major concern for a leader.

Maintaining Integrity

Leaders are often faced with situations where they need to be diplomatic. This can compromise their integrity. You must pick your battles carefully and in some cases, your lack of action may also draw criticism from others. Understanding when you need to stand up and fight and when you must pull out is hard.

Taking Hard Decisions

Leaders are often required to make hard decisions. In some cases, they need to be kind and compassionate. In others, they need to establish the discipline required to manage their team. If an incident compromises the quality and hinders your progress, then you must take the necessary steps required to restore order. As a leader, you naturally feel protective and concerned about those who follow you. Subjecting them to some tough love is always difficult and you will worry whether you did the right thing. It is important to communicate the priorities of your organization to your subordinates in this case. They must understand what is tolerated and what isn’t.

To Sum It Up

There are several things that worry a leader. Among these, self-doubt is easily the biggest concern for a leader. It can influence your decision-making skills, which can be very damaging. It is important to remember that leadership begins from within. If you do not believe in yourself, others will not believe in you either.


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