How Can You Be a Good Mentor?

Jun 10, 2019

Mentorship is a declining trend in the workplace these days. Most individuals prioritize their own career over everything else and will rarely make an effort to take a younger employee under their wing. There is the consideration of whether you can be a good mentor or not. Like leadership, you cannot expect everyone to be good at mentorship as well.

At this point, you are probably wondering whether you could be a mentor in the future or not. Most mentors possess some specific qualities that help distinguish them from others. These include:

Listen and Observe

Mentorship begins with being able to listen and observe people in the work environment. You need to be able to recognize the hidden potential within an individual and encourage them accordingly. You must also be able to listen to what they have to say and provide advice. This is one of the most important qualities of a mentor. However, you must refrain from providing them with an instant solution to their problems. Guide your mentee towards solving the problem without your help. This will help them think for themselves and be more independent in the future.

Plan Well

Simply choosing to guide someone does not make you a mentor. You must have a plan for them as well. A good mentor is able to clearly define a set of goals for their mentee to pursue. This helps the relationship transcend from a few friendly words of advice to a fruitful endeavor. You can encourage your mentee to foster connections in the workplace and the industry and work on their soft and hard skills. You must also train them to adapt to changing times and work towards achieving major milestones in their career.

Be Approachable and Honest

A good mentor is always approachable. If your subordinates are afraid of you, then you won’t be able to form a successful relationship with them as a mentor. You must also take out the time to engage with them on a regular basis. This will help them feel more comfortable, and they will be able to consult you regarding any problems. You must also be able to deliver criticism when required. People who simply try to keep everyone happy cannot become good mentors. Unless you are able to provide constructive criticism to your mentee they will not be able to learn and grow.

Keeping Yourself Updated

This is among the most important qualities of a mentor as well. You must keep yourself updated regarding past, present and future trends in the industry. This will help you guide your mentees in a better way. Remember, your knowledge is one of the most important assets that you can hope to share with your subordinates.

To Sum It Up

In order to be a good mentor, you must be able to listen, observe, and provide your mentees with advice. You must also help them plan for their career and deliver constructive criticism where necessary. Finally, you must keep yourself updated regarding what is happening in your industry. This will help you identify potential growth opportunities for your mentee and guide them towards success.


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