Top 5 Reasons To Hire a Headhunter

Apr 03, 2019

As prepared as you might be, there’s no doubt that running any type of business is a difficult endeavour.You’ll regularly run into logistical difficulties you haven’t planned for. This makes it even harder for you to build your dream team using your informal network.

Here are five reasons you could benefit from deciding to hire a headhunter for your company.

1.You Lack the Time

It’s not just time that you lack, but proactive time. Proactive time involves you directing activities yourself, as opposed to simply reacting to the activities and people around you. Given the barrage of information flooding your senses any given day, you’ll never have enough proactive time, which is a pity when it comes to recruiting.

Hiring employees is very much a proactive process that necessitates active energy and effort. The recruiter needs to advertise positions, meet with candidates, check their references and make decisions regarding them. As busy as most entrepreneurs are, they rarely do more than perform a cursory check on references, even when hiring for senior positions.

That’s why it’s so important to have external help to prioritize the hiring process. Headhunters devote their time and energy to actively finding you the right candidates, leaving you freer to focus on developing a business strategy.

2.You Lack the Experience

How many times have you been a CEO?

On average, probably not more than twice! Most therefore do not have the relevant recruiting experience. How could they be? Even if you’ve successfully made a hire for the CTO position, you’ve only made one hire; you can’t be an expert at this.

Hiring involves a specialized skill set, including the ability to assess the needs of the position, analyze gaps in teams, understand how to bridge gaps, and interview well.

3.Headhunting Companies Have Eyes and Ears Glued to the Marketplace

Headhunters work in the trenches, so to speak. They’re aware of the goings-on in the marketplace, as well as the specific industry you belong to. They know where the top talent is, and they know what practices the top companies are employing.

As a hiring authority, you require access to this information, and you get this when you hire a headhunter.

4.Headhunters Sell You to Talent Too

Candidates conduct just as much research on you as you do on them, maybe even more! They need to be convinced to move to your company as well, and this is where headhunters can be invaluable. They hand suitable candidates the relevant information as well as follow-up conversations, head off their objections with the right answers, and link them to the right people in the process.

5.Headhunters Help You Close on Candidates

It’s a competitive market. Other firms will forever be making counter-offers to your candidates, and you also have to contend with personal choices and short timeframes. You don’t have enough proactive time to hunt your candidates down.

That’s why an intermediary can be so essential, especially since candidates are likelier to clearly tell headhunters their objections than they are to you.

Hire a headhunter to find the right candidate at the right time, and you’ll be able to fill important positions with more expertise.


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