How to Keep Your A Player Top Employees with You

Mar 08, 2019

So you’ve identified and hired the best talent there is – congratulations! The question you now need to ask yourselves is how to keep them satisfied enough to stay with you.

Almost 20 to 50 percent of employee turnover is attributed to burnout, and burnout is likelier to happen to top employees. But don’t worry – there is plenty you can do to keep your employees happy with you.

Here’s how you keep your A player top employees.

Don’t Over-Burden Your Top Employees

It’s sadly quite a common practice for companies to over-burden their top employees. Employers will tend to rely on these employees more often, since they can depend on them to work well on additional tasks.

While these employees may take on the tasks easily at first, such behaviour is simply unsustainable over time. Employees and managers need to avoid assigning more work than their employees can take on, and constantly look out for signs their star players may be burning out.

Empower Your Star Employees

As the manager, it’s your job to identify the unique skills of your star employees, and to help them bring those skills to their projects. Once you’ve recognized a person for being gifted at a certain task, trust them to use that gift without micro-managing them.

All employees appreciate a little push now and then, but you need to provide those helpful nudges without making them bossed around and out of control.

Recognize What Responsibilities and Tasks Are Most Fulfilling to Your Top Employees

Meet with your talent to recognize what aspects of their job that are the most fulfilling to them. Once you’ve identified these, focus on bringing more of this work on a daily basis.

Connect with Your Employees

You can’t really know what is frustrating your employees if you don’t ask with them. Make it a habit to check in with your star employees regularly to prevent burnout. Employers should encourage managers to check in with staff informally – open door policies really help in this regard.

Be fully prepared to listen to your employees’ concerns, and actively try to find solutions for them. When employees feel disconnected from management, they feel as if they don’t have enough control to change the situation.

Encourage Workplace Bonds and Personal Time

Morale is quick to decline during times of stress and difficult projects. In these cases, it is more important than ever to provide your star players with the mental breaks and rest they need so they are not completely depleted by their work.

Encourage your employees to take vacation days, and let them know they are allowed to take personal days without being judged. Similarly, you need to encourage socializing among your employees in order to develop a supportive and uplifting culture. This is even more significant in the case of star employees, whose competitive natures could serve to isolate them from their peers. Breaks and social lunches are healthy opportunities for employees to socialize, and they should be seen by management as such.

By using these strategies, you can effectively manage employ burnout and keep your A player top employees with you.


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