Success Favours Those Who Try New Things

Dec 17, 2018

Everyone of us has the capacity to achieve great things in life. However, only a few of us are able achieve greatness. Have you ever wondered what is the reason for this?

The simple answer is successful people always try new things. They are not satisfied with the status quo.

Think for a moment and consider how you define success.

  • Earning a six figures salary
  • The prestige of a title
  • Owning a large mansion
  • Respect within and outside an organization

You can achieve all the above goals and more if you keep on trying new things. If you settle for what you have, you won't be able to realise your true potential and goals in life.

This article is a discovery and a realisation of the need for change to achieve the pinnacle of success in your professional and personal life. After reading the article, you will understand why it's important to always try something new and to break the status quo.

Stepping out of your comfort zone is the key to your success in life and career.

We tend to get complacent with the everyday routine that we’re familiar with. However, this also stifles our growth. Your comfort zone is the danger zone that you need to come out of.

You must overcome the emotional fear of failure through intellectual curiosity and the drive to explore new things.

To succeed in life — to achieve the highest potential —you need to avoid being complacent with the present status.

Successful people are risk takers; they know that without risks, they can't get ahead in life.

Billionaire Richard Branson stated in his book 'Finding My Virginity' that life is a long learning process. You need to take calculated risks in order to get ahead in life. Being in a conservative shift will only make you stuck in the same position, resulting in regrets later in life.

While trying something new and taking risks won't by itself make you successful, it will create opportunities for you to achieve great success.

To Achieve Greatness in Life, Always Try New Stuffs

"It doesn't matter how slowly you go as long as you don't stop."


The differentiating factor that separates highly successful executives from the average is not hard work. It's also not luck. It's simply the will and courage to always try something new.

Opportunities don't just happen – You need to create them by stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new stuff.

The greatest moments in life are most likely to occur if we are willing to take the risk and try something new.

Most of us are natural risk takers during childhood. However, once we grow older and start to fear failure, we stop trying new things. This comes at a great cost as it stifles our growth and prevents us from achieving our dreams, goals and aspirations.

The phrase 'fortune favours the brave’ has become a cliché. But it's highly relevant to our jobs and personal life today.

Remember, there is no growth without transformation.

Success is not an event. Success doesn't happen all of a sudden. It comes from continuous self-renewal.

According to the author of Self-Renewal, John Gardner, you need to keep on risking failure throughout your life to achieve success. To achieve greatness in life, you need to take risks and remain open to gaining new experiences.

At the end of the day, when you grow old, you won't regret things at which you failed; but at the things that you never tried. To avoid feeling the regret, and boost your chances of achieving career success, you need to try new things in life and avoid falling into the comfort zone.

Embrace New Challenges

You need to expand your comfort zone and embrace new challenges in life. This is the only way you can achieve your true potential and greatness.

Here are some of the benefits of challenging yourself by trying new stuff.

1. Gain Confidence

Exposing yourself to a new environment will allow you to develop self-confidence. As a result, you will have the skills to tackle challenges in an unfamiliar environment.

Doing new things will help build your resilience. You will know what it takes to cope with stress due to a sudden change, thereby giving you more confidence to address new challenges.

2. Discover New Opportunities

Learning new things will allow you to identify hidden opportunities. You may find new interests outside your current field. You may be able to discover your passion that itself will open new opportunities for growth and career advancement.

Furthermore, with new opportunities, you will also be able to expand your network of contacts.

4. Greater Satisfaction

By accomplishing new tasks, you will feel an inner fulfilment. Knowing that you have the skills and abilities to achieve great things in life will evoke a positive emotion and make you feel more content and satisfied.

5. Remain Mentally Sharp

A study conducted some years back had found that overcoming new and demanding skills help us remain mentally sharp, as we age. Groups that were confronted with the prolonged mental challenges through mastering new skills and tasks showed remarked improvement in mental skills.

Learning new skills adds to your intellectual and cognitive development, thereby reducing the risk of cognitive impairment in old age.

6. Improved Leadership

Great leadership is the ablility to use experience to handle tasks in a manner that brings maximum benefit to a company.

Employers today prefer executives who have a blend of experience, skills, and perspectives. They seek to hire professionals who can bring different perspectives to the table for the company's growth.

Diversity in your skill set will allow you to handle complex problems in a creative manner. You will have an edge over others when you have a broad skill set pertaining to your industry. This can increase your chances of getting promoted to a senior position in your company.

Companies will value your skill set due to which they may be more willing to pay you the desired salary. This will also lead to improved job satisfaction.

Now that you know about the benefits of continuously gaining new experiences, let's find out how you can benefit the most from this advice.

1. Consider Your Options

Before starting something new, you should carefully consider your options by making a list of things that you are interested in.

Once you have identified the things that you would like to try, evaluate each option to find out whether you have the skills required to make it happen. You may need to update your knowledge or skills or get help from external agencies.

When considering your options, establish your goals as well a deadline to accomplish them.

The goals can be as simple as trying something new to gaining new skills in a different field. Setting goals will set your growth trajectory and help you to identify the best opportunities for undergoing transformation.

2. Evaluate Your Personal Interests and Values

You must assess what makes you feel good. Think about the activities in the past that you enjoyed the most. Make sure that the new activity aligns with your personal inclinations.

Apart from your personal interest, assess your personal values. Do you want a role that will help you to contribute to the eco-friendly sustainable environment? Do you want to contribute to societal welfare?

Whatever your personal values, you should be laser-focused on them when selecting new activities. An activity that meets your personal interests and values will lead to greater satisfaction.

3. Join in a Discussion

Talk with people who have similar interests and passion.

Consider finding like-minded individuals within your organisation. Similarly, attend training seminars, group meetings, and networking events. This is a great way to discover new opportunities, meet new people and expand your contact network.

4. Keep a Dreams Journal

Most of us daydreamed during our childhood. We used to visualise about different things that we would do when we grew up. However, due to increased work load and personal responsibilities, most of us have stopped dreaming.

Creating a dream journal is a great way to start believing in your dreams again.

You can list down things that you wish to change in your life. This could be anything such as more vacation time, being physically active, or establishing a charity firm.

Remember that our potential to achieve something is nearly limitless. The human potential would be unbounded if it were given a mathematical number. Do not stifle your dreams. Just writing down the dreams in a journal will make them seem more achievable.

5. Understand the Value of Change

You need to remind yourself that change can be the springboard to a more successful life. You need to come out of your familiar comfort zone and try new things if you desire to achieve greatness.

Change is a natural phenomenon of life. From the weather to seasons, everything changes. This realisation should encourage you to adopt the habit of trying new things for your self-improvement and to make progress in your life.

6. Don't Let Regrets Hold You Back

All of us have tried something and failed at it in the past. However, you should never let failure hold you back.

Famous British writer and theologian C.S. Lewis once stated that 'failures are finger posts on the road to achievement'. The word F-A-I-L simply means First Attempt In Learning. Your past should not stop you from trying something new.

To break away from the past, you need a radical mind shift. Turn every negativity into positive emotions.

You should not think NO as the end of the road. Instead, look at it as a sign to focus on the next opportunity.

You should learn to 'fail forward' by learning from your past mistakes and setbacks. Consider resuming the work that you had failed at in the past with a new strategy. And if you fail again, then don't worry. You can always change your strategy and tackle the problem again. Just don't let the fear of failure stop you from trying something new.

7. Face Your Fears

Facing your fears is critical if you want to make a change in life. The feeling of fear is natural when trying out new things. However, this fear should not be a handicap for you in making the required changes.

You need to tell yourself that you need to challenge yourself to achieve success. When you realise that the change will result in a positive outcome, you will automatically feel less fearful of it. This is important if you want to reach the acme of success and realise your true potential in life.

Summing it All Up

The trait of a successful executive is that he or she does not shy away from trying new tasks.

Real success takes place outside the comfort zone. Successful executives don't let fear prevent them from taking on new opportunities and challenges.

By trying new stuff, you will gain new experiences and develop skills in different domains. This will help you accelerate to the top of the career ladder.

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