How Executive Recruiter Search Firms Unearth Hidden Talent

Jun 27, 2018

Companies who don’t use executive recruiter search firms usually advertise in all the usual places, and get an average of 250 applicants applying for the job.

But as you start going through the endless amount of resumes, the list of prospects begins to shrivel.

Out of the original 250, only a handful are left that are still not what you are looking for, but perhaps what you may need to settle for.

Sound familiar?

The solution is to use specific headhunting techniques to find hidden talent; going about the process in ways that are not the norm.

But as with anything, when executive recruitment is not your core business, it becomes a nightmare trying to find candidates who are not making it their mission to be found. And these are the ones you should be aiming for.

Here’s how executive search firms like Jefferson Maguire find those illusive candidates:

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Executive recruiters go where top talent hang out

Instead of just advertising job openings, executive search firms are like lions, gently padding around, in search of the “kill”, going to watering holes that all the animals head for.

In other words, because many of the best candidates are not actively looking for other jobs, the specialised recruiter goes where they hang around.

This could include Facebook, Twitter, forums, and groups. Specialised headhunters use large networks and attend events where potential candidates may frequent.

emotionally intelligent (EQ).

It takes a person with high emotional intelligence to spot another person with high EQ.

Therefore, we at Jefferson Maguire for instance, only employ people for our executive search team who are emotionally intelligent themselves.

In addition, when we find top talent for clients, we depend on our recruiters to persuade those potential candidates to “come over to the other side”. This requires technique because these people are generally not looking for another job; they have to be convinced that our client has a better deal for them.

Recruiters are always on the lookout for hidden potential

We can’t speak for other firms, but we know that at Jefferson Maguire, our executive search team is trained to continuously be on the lookout for hidden potential, so much so that looking for talent in every nook and cranny has become second nature to them.

They look for champions everywhere!

Even when they’re not working, their eyes are so trained, that they find themselves naturally identifying people who would be a good fit for our clients.

These prospects are added to our database for future use, if necessary.

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The focus is always on prospective candidates

In the recruiting phase, many companies have a tendency to inner-focus; i.e. they follow the processes they have put into place, doing the same tasks around every job opening for every candidate, using the same mechanisms to achieve their goals, like placing ads for every candidate on the same platforms.

But an executive recruitment company focuses on the candidate.

For instance, when they make use of advertising, they do it smartly and follow the most effective processes to achieve their goal of finding the right person for their client: ads are designed to attract the kind of people they are searching for, and placed where the candidates are most likely to see them, even if the candidates are not actively searching for other work.

Disclaimer! Of course, not all executive recruiters and search firms unearth hidden talent quite the way we at Jefferson Maguire do; we can fill urgent positions within 6 weeks, so we know our processes and methods are unique.


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