Cost-Free Ways to Massively Improve Employee Morale

Jun 08, 2018

Contrary to popular belief, companies need not institute massive pay raises to increase employee morale.

In fact, throwing money at employee problems instead of attending to the real issues would more than likely simply aggravate matters.

These four methods are based on the root cause of what works to increase employee morale and can be implemented without cost.

In addition, these four ideas alone will help attract the best talent to your company.

Make it purpose driven

Just about everyone wants to live a life that is purpose driven and meaningful. Your employees are part of something bigger than just themselves, but they are probably not conscious of it.

Purpose driven roles starts with company vision which needs to be filtered throughout the organisation, from senior directors right down to every individual role. This is done from the recruitment interview and used in Key Performance Indicators.

When vision is not only a bunch of words used between senior staff in meetings, but instead is translated into each person’s role and lived by every employee as well as the CEO, it becomes powerful because work will no longer just be about having a job.

Instead, employees become aware that their efforts are a contribution into something of value and something they believe in.

Company vision translated into each person’s role will also ensure the right people are hired, so that organisational culture becomes strong and stays strong.

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Show appreciation

When the boss stops thinking that “employees get paid to do a job and they better just damnwell do them”, and starts leading in a way that shows genuine appreciation of hard work and long hours, it will dramatically increase employee morale.

Simply acknowledging employees as the people they are by making birthdays special and sending gifts for big days like the birth of a baby or a wedding, makes such a difference in that person’s life. While it may not be an emotional thing for a company, it is very much an emotional thing for an employee, and because of the emotion evoked, serves to dramatically increase loyalty.

Do all you can to win over spouses and family members - when they support your employees because the company has been good to them, they will not begrudge a bit of overtime here and there as much as they would if the company showed no care.

It is smart to make your employees feel valued and cared for, and not just by saying it, but acting it out. Employees know the difference.

Look for the good

Make looking for the good a company Thing. In other words, make it part of the culture.

When an employee does something great, recognise it.

Recognition can be as simple as the boss sending an email to the person and cc’ing the person’s peers.

When your team gets a compliment, pass it on to them.

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Small, meaningful efforts count

Consider offering small, but meaningful benefits to employees. The key here is “meaningful”.

For instance, a monthly free massage voucher, healthy snack options, car washing done while they work, errand running - anything that would enhance or make their lives easier will increase employee morale and loyalty.

Encourage play and fun

You see it at many of the best places to work: bright, kid coloured furniture and adult sized play things like swings, slides, bean bags and balls.

Most adults are still kids at heart but never find an outlet for it.

Why should your business care? Well, playing boosts creativity and when done with team members, unifies them.

Just a little ridiculous, but all those bright little balls will get the job done...this image is care of The Telegraph.

If you don’t want to go the route of playful office goods, add fun office activities into the mix.

Invest in parties and team building efforts, but try to instill play and fun into daily activities. This increases energy and therefore productivity and at the same time, improves employee morale.

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