​How to Attract Top Talent to Your Company

Feb 05, 2018

What do you do if your competitor keeps bagging the top talent you crave for your business?

Answer: make your company more attractive to work at than your competitor’s.


Secrets to follow…

Change the “this is how we do it” process

Undoubtedly you’ve heard the saying by Albert Einstein, that goes like this,

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”

If your recruiting process is working, bully for you. But if you’re reading this, then it’s probably not...therefore, you need to change what you’ve been doing, so that you can get different results.

Instead of focusing on requirements that don’t matter, rather brainstorm with your team, what type of candidates you are looking for, find out what they want, and then come up with ways to meet their desires.

Also, consider what exactly the person will need to qualify for the position - and that’s not referring to qualifications.

In fact, demanding qualifications may actually block your chances of finding really good candidates, because if you stipulate to a headhunter that the person needs a specific qualification, it acts as a barrier to anyone who does not have the qualification.

Is that really what you want?

Added to that, if you’re asking for qualifications above experience, you’re going to need to pay a higher salary, although the candidate may not be as good as the one with experience but who doesn't boast the degree.

For example, if you’re after a hot shot Social Media Manager, is it really necessary for them to have a degree?

Huffington Post reports that, “...many experts in social media don’t believe in the power of formal education — through either certificate or degree programs at colleges and universities — for anyone seeking to brush up on social media skills. Conferences, on-your-own learning and practical experience are better vehicles for absorbing knowledge about social media, they say.”

Granted, this stance is not true for all positions, but it’s a good example of requirements that should be tossed in order to get what’s really important.

In essence, determine what you want, and then how to meet it.

Make the work environment attractive to top talent

Top talent can afford to be picky.

It is very hard to recruit the best once they’ve been “discovered” - the best time to pluck them, is just after graduating, either from school or college or university.

Once they realise how good they are, the stakes increase and they understand they have the choice of the litter.

Why should top talent choose to work for your company instead of your competitor?

If your competitors are bagging all the best candidates, it's probably time to evaluate things like company culture, internal branding and engagement levels.

The world’s best companies to work for, are specialists at appealing to the kind of person they desire…

Think Google, who targets millennials who demonstrate “Googleyness”.

Another example, specific to the UK, is Mind Candy, who create magical entertainment for mobile. To fulfill their business objective, they look for employees who are creative and quirky. And so, Mind Candy matches their desire for these kinds of candidates by making their offices creative and quirky:

MindCandyImage Credit: Telegraph

The offices at Mind Candy.

In summary, what do your ideal candidates want in a workplace?

How can you give it to them?

And how can you change the way you do things, so that your company will appeal to the right people?

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