3 Top Talent Headhunting Recruitment Techniques

Dec 13, 2017

Satisfied fish who are not looking for a hook to bite, require non-traditional, unique headhunting recruitment techniques.

Most of these fish - the top talent you desire - are not looking for a new job, and this makes it harder to “catch” them...

In addition, the majority of hard-to-fill positions are ones that did not exist 10 years ago, and traditional recruitment methods may not work for the type of person you are looking for.

A good idea is to combine traditional recruiting techniques, such as job boards advertising, with a more modern approach in order to source talent who are probably not actively searching for a job.

In order to locate people with the talents your business requires, the trick is to think like them, so that you can speak their language. That means that you need an intimate understanding of who these people are, and what they value.

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Speaking the language of their ideal candidate, this job ad would appeal to the type of person Microsoft was looking for.

Speaking of which...be aware, that your company needs to be attractive enough to a top-notch candidate, to entice them to leave where they currently are. Glassdoor reports that 80% of the younger generation specifically look for companies that have the right culture fit.

This means that you need to foster a workplace with a loyal team that is driven by a company culture that appeals to the best in class people.

When that’s in place, these three of the best headhunting recruitment techniques for hard-to-fill positions will work to source the best talent:

#1: Build a strong, unique social presence

Not only is social media presence essential for your marketing efforts, but it’s also a way to showcase the culture of your company. But bear in mind, that in order to be appealing to potential candidates, you need to display a culture that attracts the type of people you’re looking for.

Even though millennials (those born between 1980 and 1996) have no problem job hopping, exclusive talent won’t leave their current places of employment for mediocrity; so to appeal to them, your business has to stand for the things they value. Conveying messages that reflect your values on social media requires a well thought out strategy.

Harvard Business Review says that, “Millennials do need to be convinced why and how an organization will help them learn, grow, and develop, and further their careers.”

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#2: Grab them from university or college

Top talent is only really ever up for grabs while they are still studying. Once they’ve been employed, it becomes a lot more difficult to hook them.

Using headhunting recruitment techniques that focus on grabbing talent from schools, university or college via intern programs for example, is clever.

It’s been found that most Millenials hear about job opportunities through friends and job boards, so make use of job boards to display ads with descriptions that focus on learning, development, and company culture.

#3: Attend the events they go to

Don’t only attend industry specific events; go to unlikely places your potential candidate hangs out at. Looking to recruit via job fairs are not the place for these types of people.

Business Insider reports that the Director of Talent Acquisition at Quicken Loans (who is often listed in Fortune's 100 Best Places to Work), says, "Too many companies focus on industry experience when they recruit…”

You can teach people about the industry, but you can’t teach passion, natural creativity or going the extra mile.

Try online sites like Meetup for group events where the type of person you’re looking for will go, and advertise in places your ideal candidate frequents - this could be bus stops, certain malls, and so on.

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Bonus tip! Rather than sift through hundreds of job applications and CV’s, spend the time searching through LinkedIn profiles and social networking sites for potential candidates.

Do you know what kind of person you’re looking for, but not how to source them? Take a load off your mind and contact us to find out how we can help headhunt your perfect candidate.


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