How To Create Team Loyalty

Oct 31, 2017

How do you create team loyalty? This is a question that goes beyond spouting catchphrases like “there’s no I in team.” It is about making people want to be a part of your team, feeling valued and everyone sharing the values of that team and today we are going to look at ways of making that happen.


Essentially you have to set out the values of your team as this is what will help to inspire loyalty. However it is not enough to say “I want people to communicate with each other”. You have to show them, make them aware of how this can be done in a constructive way.

Ultimately you have to get everyone to trust one another and that is by everyone knowing what their role in the team is and working with each other. If something goes wrong people need to ask questions and communicate openly- this is how everyone learns!

Get to know people

Another way is to meet with both the individuals in the team and the team as a whole. It is about showing people that you are there for them and you are actively listening. If you can set a good example then people in your team should be able to follow this.

This can also be followed up in a practical way- learning about what the members of your team want to achieve can help them. For example if someone wants to start a family you can talk about more flexible working hours or childcare.

Celebrate success

It sounds strange but people appreciate knowing when they’ve done well- while it is good to be paid a bonus or given a title there is something rewarding from receiving positive feedback and encouragement. This should be for both individual members and for the group as a whole as this will make people feel more valued and motivated to keep pushing for success and achieving goals.

For example if you work in sales then there should be a motivation for hitting a specific target (such as gift vouchers) and then an additional incentive for beating that target (a night out for the team). Be wary how you do this though- ideally you want something that is based on team performance to maintain the right atmosphere with the group.

What can you do for them?

While you may talk about targets in terms of profit and growth this may not necessarily engage with people. If you discuss how potential targets could individually benefit them specifically (for example bonuses, special incentives, more benefits etc) then they are more likely to push harder as they have something concrete to work toward rather than an abstract target that does not mean something to them personally.

Get the full benefit

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