Life Lessons You Can Learn From Children

Mar 14, 2017

Life Lessons You Can Learn From Children

People often talk about “out of the mouths of babes”. Children often benefit from not having the filter of adults- experience can be a great thing but sometimes it can make people embittered. Therefore, sometimes it helps to know some of the life lessons that you can learn from listening to children.

Be spontaneous

As adults, there are times when we can become stuck in ruts- children often have a sense of freedom. If you feel stressed don’t have a sandwich by your desk- go out for lunch, take a walk in the park or run around for a bit!

Let it go

Life can be difficult to get through and things can happen. The good thing about children is they don’t tend to hold grudges- they cry, yell but then they can often laugh and move on soon afterwards. That emotional release can be healthy so if you’re having a tough day find the way to dispose of that bad feeling rather than letting it build up.


One of the big problems of growing up is we become less imaginative- this means people not only stop working on ideas but also become more afraid to express them.

A good way to connect with this again is to go to an improvisation class, helping you to disconnect from the logic in your mind. This makes it easier to express ideas and can allow you to respond to the unexpected.

Ask questions

Kids tend to learn by asking questions- adults are often afraid to do this because they don’t want to think they don’t understand. However, there is nothing wrong with this- if you don’t understand something then it is better to ask then bluff your way through it and make more mistakes.

Asking questions is also good because it can bring up issues that people may not necessarily have thought of- your question could avoid problems that could cost more in the long run.

Be more open and more honest

We have had moments where we have either had children who say something inappropriate or witnessed it. There is a positive to this- saying things that other people wouldn’t.

Honestly like this can be refreshing- dealing with difficult issues can often be easier when you don’t bottle things up and express how you are feeling, making it easier to resolve those issues in the long term.

Love the simple things

Hanging out with friends, building a fort with cardboard boxes, running around and having fun. It is easy to forget how simple things can be pleasurable. Sometimes a hard day can be countered with a quick blast on a video game, enjoying an ice cream or going to see a film.

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