Do Better Brands Attract Better Talent?

Mar 15, 2017

Do Better Brands Attract Better Talent?

You would think the answer to this is obvious- a good company will attract the best people. However, this does also beg the question- what makes a brand better than another and do these aspects necessarily factor into whether or not someone chooses to work for them?

Bigger isn’t necessarily better

A brand doesn’t necessarily have a positive association- some are infamous for tough working practises and this can put off people from working for them. Therefore, the fact that a company is well known does not necessarily mean they will attract people.

What tends to be more attractive is the sense that there is the opportunity for progression- with some larger companies this is inevitable in the literal sense there are more levels to go up whereas with a smaller company there may only be so many roles available within it and past a certain point you won’t be able to go any further.

Company culture

Company culture is not as simple as having a dress down Friday or the occasional charity fun drive. It is also about how the company treats employees and the way in which it operates.

For example, a company should be able to look realistically at how targets are set. If targets are not being met it should not be purely looking at how to assign blame- it could be that people need help looking at their own personal goals or need coaching in order to boost their self-confidence.

A company culture that encourages the personal growth of its employees and does what it can to support people is more likely to get positive feedback and attract talent.

Recognising generational changes

A common complaint is that “Millennials don’t do…” and may talk about that they are not as motivated, need more guidance and so forth. However, this is something that needs to be looked at- as baby boomers retire and Generation X become the older generation it is important for businesses to adapt in order to meet the needs of the changing workforce.

Not adapting to different people’s needs can reflect badly- it is worth getting feedback as this will help you gauge what people want and how it can help them do their work in a more productive way. Whether it is through additional training, more flexible working or recognising the work/life balance and ways of achieving this being able to adapt to a range of needs will help to encourage more people to join your workforce and just as crucially encourage others to join it.

In summary

  • Demonstrate an opportunity for progression
  • Maintain a positive company culture
  • Recognise that different generations have different requirements and be prepared to adapt

If you are prepared to look at what you have to offer and how you communicate that then you give yourself the best possible opportunity to attract the best possible talent, regardless of the size of your company.

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