Positivity Rules

Dec 15, 2016

Positivity Rules

Working life can be stressful. It doesn’t matter if you’re an artist or working in a call centre or other type of busy office environment it can be hard to stay motivated and focused. This is why it is vital to maintain positivity and here are a few rules to help achieve this.

It’s not just about money

People often talk about money not being able to buy happiness but in some respects, it really is true. One thing people often feel is important is transparency- they want to know what is going on with the company and generally feel more satisfied if they feel that the company respects them and keeps them in the loop.


Another aspect is being able to provide feedback- employees generally feel more involved if they feel that they are being listened to. Don’t just do big group sessions or CC everyone into an email- one to one discussions make people feel that what they have to say is being valued and listened to.

Opportunities and rewards

This may sound obvious but it’s important- you have to make clear what opportunities are available within the company. While this is often said at the interview stage when offering a job, it is also something that you should discuss while someone works for you as this will help keep them motivated.

Don’t be afraid to give rewards to show they have done well- gift vouchers, tickets to their favourite films or sporting events or allowing them to go home a little earlier are little things that add up over time when it comes to showing your team you appreciate the work they do!

Another aspect are practical benefits- encouraging members of staff to be healthy is important so throwing in gym memberships or other health benefits can help. Likewise, discounts for things like dental work or eyewear can be useful (especially if you work in an office or phone centre when you need to use computers a lot).

Set reasonable targets

It can be difficult if you have someone from above you giving targets that you then need to pass on. However, if you are the one setting them be reasonable- the temptation is to see who is hitting the most sales and have a target around there. Consider the whole team and while it’s okay to push them don’t push too hard!

Fewer emails and meetings

It is not always easy but sometimes you do have to take a step back and say “Is this email/meeting necessary?” Reducing the amount of emails people receive and cutting back on time lost through meetings will allow for more productivity through the simple fact people have more time to do their work!

Reduce boredom

Sometimes you need to shake things up a bit- have a fancy dress day, challenge someone to see who can build a paper airplane or get someone else to do a presentation during a meeting. However, make sure you mix it up- doing it solely on a Friday will mean even the fun stuff can potentially become routine!

Get help

For more information on how to motivate your team and keep them positive contact me and I would be pleased to share with you some of the books, speakers and gurus that have helped me and my employees over the years. Just give me a ring or send me an email



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