The C-Suite Guide to Juggling Work and Play

Jun 16, 2016

The C-Suite Guide to Juggling Work and Play

Across the board, research has shown that workplace stress is a major health concern for adults in developed countries. The heat gets cranked up even higher when you hit the C-suite, which is why every exec should have a bespoke work/life strategy in place. Everyone’s different, but there are some universal tactics that will amp up any approach.

Sweat it out

It’s no secret that physical exercise reduces stress levels and gets you riding an endorphin high. We get that the C-suite is a hectic place, and that cramming sleep, work, family and personal time into 24 hours can sometimes seem impossible. That’s why as far as workout go, we’re huge advocates for sweat sessions that are fast, smart and effective. Enter HIIT training. Short for high-intensity interval training, the technique combines intense anaerobic exercise with shorter recovery periods for a workout that keeps on burning, long after you’ve left the gym.

Use your mornings wisely

When your day’s already in full swing it can be hard to allocate time for personal pursuits. That’s why mornings are golden when it comes to ‘you’ time. Whether it’s committing to a 6 AM yoga class, pounding the pavement on an early morning run or simple indulging in half an hour or so to enjoy a coffee while reading the paper, mornings are a great time to focus on what you need.

Unplug to unwind

We now live in a 24/7 culture, with new technologies ensuring that execs are connected around the clock. An essential part of finding a healthy work/life balance is to give yourself permission to unplug from your devices, and simply live in the moment. This means no checking emails while wining and dining the missus, no taking calls while attending your kid’s sports game and no ducking into the office on a Saturday that you’ve dedicated to family time.

Prioritise what’s important

Finding harmony between work and life isn’t easy, which is why it’s important to have a clear cut strategy in place. Otherwise, you could simply find yourself compromising on both fronts. Take the time to define what’s important to you, and use your findings to prioritise work commitments and personal time accordingly.

Understand that work and play is a “series of trade-offs”

You can strive to find a work/play equilibrium all you like, but at the end of the day former Google CFO Patrick Pichette maintains that "In the end, life is wonderful, but nonetheless a series of trade-offs, especially between business/professional endeavors and family/community.” Accepting the need for tough choices is all part of the journey, and the sooner execs learn this the better.

Best of luck finding a balance that works for you.

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