3 Ways to Keep Fit in the Office

Jun 29, 2016

It can be difficult in any office job to find the time to exercise. Executive head-hunting is no exception. Here at Jefferson Maguire we encourage all of our retail head-hunters to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In between finding the top talent we have devised a method to keep fit in the office.

Thought quitting smoking was enough to get you out of the woods when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle? Sure, kicking the habit has its benefits, but with the World Health Organisation recently identifying physical inactivity as the fourth biggest killer on the planet, working up a sweat has never been so important. The crisis has been described as a ‘global pandemic,’ and as executive search experts, we’re huge advocates for workplace fitness.

So how can you stay buff from nine to five, and beyond? Here’s three ways to psych up your fitness regime, without leaving the premises.

  • Get up, stand up

In a recent Wexner Medical Center study cited by Time, researchers found that every hour spent sitting shortens lives by 22 minutes. Incredibly, this makes sitting twice as harmful as smoking a cigarette. Or as James Levine, an endocrinologist at the Mayo Graduate School of Medicine puts it, “The chair is out to kill us.” A growing number of medical experts are espousing the phrase, “Sitting is the new smoking,” and warning that sedentary lifestyles are taking a toll on both physical health, and economic productivity. Cue the insurgence of standing desks. Simple yet genius, they see employees stand rather than sit, and go hand in hand with a host of health benefits. Think reduced risk of obesity, eased metabolic problems, improved cardiovascular health and more. Bob Marley never sounded so good!

  • Get down with ‘deskercise’

It may be an uninspiring portmanteau, but ‘deskercise’ is a kick ass way to build fitness, without leaving the office. Or for that matter, your desk. Looking for desk-spiration? Check out this write up from Greatist, featuring 35 smart ways to up your office fitness game.

  • Sweat the small stuff

Drive to work? Ditch the car, and learn to love your bike. Always opt for the elevator? News flash! The stairs are your new best friend. Always seem to be reaching for a biscuit during your tea break? Stock up on nourishing snacks that don’t rain all over your health kick parade. At the end of the day, it’s always worth sweating the small stuff.

The economic benefits

As aforementioned, sedentary lifestyles have a knock on effect when it comes to economic productivity. For this reason, all head-hunters should have an in-depth appreciation for how staying active can help their cause, and the individual team members they recruit.

A study presented to the American College of Sports Medicine revealed that workers who spend 30 to 60 minutes exercising during their lunch breaks boost performance by 15%, while 60% maintained that their time management skills, mental performance and ability to meet deadlines improved on the days they worked up a sweat. Furthermore, active workers were less likely to hit post-lunch energy dips, and also enjoyed brighter moods. For employers, encouraging employees to exercise for just 2.5 hours a week has the power to reduce absenteeism, and minimise the development of preventable illnesses.

The bottom line? Working in an office is no excuse for a lacklustre fitness regime? If you haven’t got time to hit the gym, these three fitness tips are formidable ammunition for any C-suite dweller.

As I mentioned at the beginning we encourage all our employees to exercise and eat healthily, personally I am out of action at the moment having crashed my mountain bike coming down a steep hill on the Southdowns a couple of weeks ago and broke my collarbone.


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