JEFFERSON MAGUIRE have been RECRUITING "A" PLAYERS FOR OVER 20 YEARS and we would be delighted to be given the opportunity to help you when a senior vacancy occurs.

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All companies want to have the very best people working for them in fact they NEED to have them working for them.

There are those that do good work.

There are those that make a difference.

Then there are those that make all the difference.

These are the "A" PLAYERS.

Which ones would you choose to have in your company?

Let us help you recruit the ones that will make all the difference.

They are not easy to find, but just give us a chance.

In fact the entire workforce should be made up of "A" PLAYERS the best of the best.

In these most competitive of times when previous long established names are failing only the strong and well led companies will survive.

When the time comes to recruit for a key position it is vital that the recruitment partner chosen is able to seek out these all important “A “ players.

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