On the surface the goal of a sales team and a marketing team is the same- you need to promote a product or brand and sell it. However, there are differences between the two and knowing the difference can be crucial when it comes to choosing an employee in these sectors.

While there is some overlap essentially someone who is marketing a product or brand is creating an image that people will buy into- for example a campaign for a soft drink could make it a source of energy for sport, a pleasing refreshment on a hot day or something that fits with your lifestyle.

The challenge with a sales team is that they have to persuade people to buy these items and often this can mean overcoming objections. This can mean finding someone who can motivate a team, someone who is very good at being friendly and approachable with customers or someone who has the ability to fight through stress and a hard day in order to make sure they not only hit targets but also exceed them.

At Jefferson Maguire, we know that this is not just about an employee's background,experience or ability to hit targets but also whether they are suited for your particular sales or marketing team.

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“Just a quick note to thank you for making my career dreams come true, I have just finished my second week with Levis and my feet have not touched the ground. Although I wasn’t actively looking for a new role the pull of the Levis brand name was enough to secure my interest and thank god it came off because this is going to be a brilliant experience for me.

I am now part of a new look Levis structure with some very talented and committed people alongside me with a vision to deliver against our gaols.”
Head Of Brand


Well recognised and innovative discount retailer, currently recruiting for experienced Regional Sales Managers.
Our client is a major high street retailer. Head of marketing will be responsible for all aspects of developing and delivering an integrated brand strategy.